When you come to the Black Hills and Badlands you can see the sights on your own and not know what you have missed, or you can go with GeoFunTrek Tours and not miss a thing!  We are the LOCAL EXPERTS who offer exceptional tours for those want more than the usual voyage.  Enriching and enlightening experiences are our strength and our guests receive tours that only we can provide.

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Private & Custom Sightseeing Tours

Private & Custom Tours are a GeoFunTrek Tours specialty.  Tired of the usual offerings?  Got your own idea about what you want to see and do?  That’s great!  We may be interested in a change of scenery too.

Do you wish to turn your custom tour into a peronsal experience for you and your group?  We can arrange for that as well! GeoFunTrek Tours will provide exclusive tours for those who value private and intimate experiences.

These are some starting points for designing your personal Dream Tour.  We will work with you to combine and modify any existing tours; design new dream tours and take your ideas and desires and turn them into reality.  We have the skills, experience and know-how to make daylong tours and multi-day tours come alive!  Use the following list of ideas to start the process, then give us your list and we will take it from there.

We are proud to say that this is a family business, where Cindy, Chris, and I are the only guides; there are no seasonal, part-time, or trainees. You will always be served by the A-team.

- John Esposti, Co-Owner / Guide

Have you ever wondered...

"What is there to do in the Black Hills & Badlands of South Dakota"?

View the video below for one families experience, compliments of our guest, Susan Watts.

Suggested Tours

This is a journey that celebrates the three most popular visitor destinations in the Black Hills.

A landscape of legends - shaped by water and time - is yours to experience through geologic history, stories and arts.

The Badlands are mysterious and inspiring by daylight and mystical at sunset - now you can experience both in the same trip!

Paleontology and the history of life on Earth is the focus of this fun and informative journey that travels through geological time.

Every town has one, not the dive bar or a disreputable drinking establishment, but the time capsule that preserves the everyday lives of our towns, their citizens and how they relaxed at the end of the day.

This is a journey that creatively reveals the geological processes that shaped the Black Hills as well as the human and natural history of the area.

This is a tour to the places where legends were born and the spirits of the pioneers still dwell. Spoiler alert! Some of your most cherished beliefs may be challenged on this tour.

This tour concentrates on animals, scenery and how the animals of the area have changed over time. You will travel across the landscape and through time to enjoy the present and understand the past.

The First Americans roamed the plains and Black Hills as nomadic hunters and warriors for thousands of years. Their circumstances have changed, but their history and culture endures.

Gold mining is what brought settlement to the region and the forces of nature are slowly erasing its remains from view. This tour is hands-on history for those who want to see it before it is gone.

From the simple technologies of our ancestors to the high-tech of today and beyond, experience the places and see how technologies were applied and molded to meet our ever-changing needs.

Prize winning local artwork and wines recharge your spirit on this tour of Rapid City and Hill City. Tours includes transportation & wine tasting.