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Black Hills Ghost Towns & Gold Mines Tour

See the sites and remains of a bygone era. Gold mining is what brought settlement to the region and the forces of nature are slowly erasing its remains from view. This tour is highly customizable and you choose from a menu of options including sites all over the Black Hills. This is hands-on history for those who want to see it before it is gone. Black Hills railroading history may be easily incorporated into the tour. The tour starts with a map of the possible locations from which we make a prioritized list, and then we spend the day going to as many sites as time will permit. This tour may be broken into several days with other popular sites added to satisfy the needs of the entire group.

This is an adventure for those want to see the real thing and are willing and able to put in some effort.  Many of these former town sites require the ability to hike along former roads and game trails to reach the destination.  Then you get to become a “History Detective” and reconstruct a town based on the evidence that remains.  The reward is an understanding of and an appreciation for those who risked it all to follow a dream.

If this sounds like your idea of an interesting and rewarding way to spend a day – give us a call or Email your information and we’ll get you on your way.


Prices vary depending on the number of guests, destinations, and pick up and drop-off points.  We are known for providing personal and meaningful experiences.  Please call for a free personalized tour plan and prices.

Prices include all entry fees and admissions, incidental snacks and beverages, but not meals or souvenirs. Larger groups and children under 16 years of age are eligible for substantial discounts.

This is a day long tour with usual pickups between 8 & 9 am and drop-offs between 5 & 6 pm.

Private tours may choose optional times.

Our Rides

Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot 4WD SUV

Our Honda Pilot 4WD SUV is equipped with leather seats, sunroof and a great sound system. The vehicle was chosen primarily for its roominess, smooth & quiet ride, comfortable seats and large windows.

This is a great choice for private tours, families and small groups.

The Honda Pilot is excellent for extended journeys and multi-day trips.

Dodge Sprinter

The Dodge Sprinter is European-engineered and American-made.  It offers an unprecedented level of refinement and utility in a unique package.  With over 6 feet of interior height and comfortable seats, there is plenty of head and elbow room for everyone.  The large windows afford plenty of viewing space for the scenery and sights.

A maximum of 9 passengers keeps the tour lively yet intimate.  This vehicle is a joy to tour in.

Dodge Sprinter